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Tap/ Knock sensor module
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Knock sensor module and a digital 13 interface, built-in LED build a simple circuit to produce percussion flasher. The interface comes with digital LED, will knock sensor connected digital 3 interfaces, when percussion sensor senses measure to percussive signals, LED flashing light.

   Size: 30x18x6mm (approx)

   Example Code:


int Led = 13;// define LED Interface

   int Shock = 3;// define the percussion Sensor Interface

   int val;// define numeric variables val

   void setup ()


   pinMode (Led, OUTPUT) ;// define LED as output interface

   pinMode (Shock, INPUT) ;// define knock sensor output interface


   void loop ()


   val = digitalRead (Shock) ;// read digital interface is assigned a value of 3 val

   if (val == HIGH) // When the percussion when the sensor detects a signal, LED flashes


   digitalWrite(Led, LOW);




   digitalWrite(Led, HIGH);



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