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NovaTech Engineerics
Photoelectric Relay Switch/ LDR relay switch
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This switch uses a photoresistor to sense the intensity of light and good quality relay can directly control the load. Adjust the potentiometer to change sensitivity and set the relay start threshold; when it is darker than the threshold, the relay is energized; when it is brighter than the threshold, the relay is de-energized. 12V power supply input special for the relay, designed with 78L05 regulated transistor, more stable and reliable. An optical coupling isolation drive relay and can effectively protect the chip and ensures a better performance.    Widely used for light detection, brightness detection, all kinds of light detection switch, controlling street lamps, and automatic equipment. Specification: Voltage: 12VDC Current: >100mA Load Capacity: 250V 10A AC; Or 30V 10A DC PCB Size: 5*2.6cm/1.96*1.02" Instruction: 1, Photosensitive resistance module is sensitive to ambient light commonly used to detect the brightness change of ambient light. 2, Relay module is energized when ambient light is darker than the set threshold; COM and NO terminals are connected. The relay module is de-energized when ambient light is brighter than the set threshold; COM connects to the NC terminal. 3, COM, NO, and NC terminals are equivalent to a three-way switch. When the relay coil is energized, COM is connected to NO terminal. When the coil is not energized, COM is connected to the NC terminal. Package Includes: 1 x Photoresistor Switch

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