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Arduino Protyping Shield
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The Arduino Prototyping Shield makes it easy for you to design custom circuits. You can solder parts to the prototyping area to create your project, or use it with an included solderless breadboard to quickly test circuit ideas without having to solder. It's got extra connections for all of the Arduino I/O pins, and it's got space to mount through-hole and surface mount integrated circuits. It's a convenient way to make your custom circuit and Arduino into a single module.

Solderless Breadboard:
Included is a mini-solderless breadboard that can be mounted to the surface of the prototyping area using the attached double-sided tape. The solderless breadboard offers 170 connections. 

The Proto Shield brings the power from the Arduino standard 5V and GND pins to the two power buses, which can be used for powering the DIP sockets, or for power and ground rows.


Dimensions: 2.76 in x 2.17 in x 0.75 in (7.0 cm x 5.5 cm x 1.9 cm)
Weight: 1.23 oz (35 g)

Arduino Prototype Shield:

2 general LEDs
2 switches
Mini Breadboard:
Self-adhesive tape on the back, easy to stick on the Arduino Prototype Shield

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