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5V Stepper Motor + Driver ULN2003
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Line 4 phase can be driven by ordinary uln2003 chip can also be connected in phase 2 development board used for.
supporting the use of a direct plug and easy to use stepper motor used in the development board.
Stepper motor driver board with ULN2003
A, B, C, D four-phase LED indicates the status of the stepper motor work
Stepper motor with a standard interface, when used directly plug-gable.

find stepper motor datasheet here

sample code

#include <Stepper.h> 
int numberofstep = 48*64; 
Stepper motor(numberofstep,9,11,10,6);    // we use pins 9, 11, 10, 6        
void setup() 
  motor.setSpeed(9); // we set motor speed at 9
void loop() 
  motor.step(600); // the motor will run during 600 step (you can change the step)
  motor.step(-800); // the motor will run during 800 step in reverse (you can change the step)

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